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SD Worx offers people solutions since 1945 and serves 5 million+ people every day, side by side with our partners, our clients and all the talent in the SD Worx family. As a result, we have a wealth of information about the global workforce.

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HR digitalisation still more HR-centric than employee-centric

A European employer survey conducted by the leading European HR and payroll services provider SD Worx shows that HR digitalisation is primarily aimed at making HR’s life easier, but not so much that of employees. To illustrate: digital maturity has been mainly achieved for highly transactional processes, while management systems far outweigh more employee-focused tools such as self-service systems, employee experience platforms and digital assistants. Meanwhile, HR tech providers try to turn the tide to meet the employees’ cry for help.

HR and Personal Costs

A quarter of European companies have a limited overview of HR and personnel costs

A survey conducted by HR and payroll specialist SD Worx across companies in eight European countries shows that one in four companies have little or no insight into their HRM and personnel costs, while almost three in ten companies monitor staff efficiency very little or not at all. In other words, there is still quite a lot left to do to map out – and refine if needed – a large number of companies' human resources.


SD Worx opens office in Milan, expanding southern European presence

SD Worx, a leading European HR & payroll services provider, continues to grow and opens an office in Milan, Italy. This move strengthens the firm’s presence in Southern Europe, after announcing in early July that it will also provide payroll and HR services in Spain and Portugal.


SD Worx continues to grow and achieves strong financial results during the first half of 2021

SD Worx, the leading European HR & payroll services provider, achieved in the first half of 2021 a consolidated turnover of EUR 402.7 million (+ 11.1% compared to the first half of last year) and a normalised EBITDA of EUR 64.3 million (+ 16.5% compared to the first half of 2020). The positive results allow SD Worx to further invest in its growth ambition.


Young people wish to retire earlier than the over-55s

If employees over 55 could choose, they would prefer to retire at the age of 64. Employees under 35 would like to retire nine years earlier still at the age of 55. The preferred retirement age does vary from country to country. 


Analytics and consulting firm NelsonHall commends SD Worx for workforce management

Leading analytics and consulting firm NelsonHall praises SD Worx for its workforce management tools and expertise. In a recent review, NelsonHall emphasised the special COVID-19 solutions SD Worx offers its clients. It also highlighted the digital progress of SD Worx' workforce management software, which inspired much positive feedback.